Customizr WordPress Theme Support & FAQ

Update to the latest version first !

Are you using the latest version of Customizr? You can find the latest version here. It is highly recommended that you keep your WordPress install and Customizr Theme updated to the latest versions. This will maximise your security and ensure you have access to the latest features.


Read the docs

If you face problems with the theme and you are not sure what to do , then :

Make sure you have read the documentation

Hint : Get the basics working before you try to do anything further : read this excellent step by step problem common problem solver on



At this stage, we’re assuming that you’ve been upgraded your Customizr theme and WordPress CMS to their latest version, and that you’ve read the documentation and guides of the theme.

If you still can’t fix your issue, we’ll try to get you going in the user forum on the platform.

Just to help us, please check the following before jumping into the forum.




Search for your symptoms, as there may already be a solution to your problem in either the Forum or the Code Snippets. Other users have likely already encountered your issue.

Before posting a new topic, you’ll want to make a quick research with our Google powered search tool on top of this page. Use keywords specific to your inquiry and navigate in the search results tabs.


Check your plugins

Many issues are caused by conflicts between the Theme and Plugins. If you consider the combinations, there could be an infinite number of root causes for such problems. We are not flawless and we have been known to find bugs our code. Our solutions are easy and we can ‘fix in next release’.

Beside, we have NO control over plugins. You must take responsibility for reporting any conflicts to the Plugin Author, or you may have (in extreme cases) to choose another Theme if the Plugin is the most important part of your solution.

The easiest way of diagnosing if a Plugin is the root cause, is to Deactivate them all and then Activate each in turn. Test after each one is re-activated until the error happens – that’s the culprit. To quickly Deactivate all Plugins, rename the wp-content/plugins folder to anything else (eg _plugins, oldplugins). Do the Zero-Plugin test and if it looks OK, rename back to wp-content/plugins and start to manually Deactivate them all, then Activate one at a time.


Check your configuration

Check your configuration is setup correctly. Some problems (eg White Screen of Death – WSOD) are typically caused by problems with the .htaccess and wp-config.php files. If you have a localhost system, did you ftp the latest files back to the Server?

Hint : Resist deleting files until you are sure you have a solution. For example, keep .htaccess.notworking, .htaccess.saved, wp-config.old etc on your hard drive.



Guess what, we’re waiting to hear about your problem now! When you raise a new Topic in the Forum, give it a meaningful description that may be searched for in the future. Please do not latch on to an existing Post and add further questions. Typically, these are already marked [resolved] and do not get any urgent attention. If you have a site that is accessible, please remember to include a url so we can take a look at the problem.

And when we have sorted your problem out, please be courteous and mark it [resolved] in the right hand sidebar. We then know we have another satisfied user.

We are here to help you, and request nothing in return. Please, take the time to identify clearly your problem and check if it is not already solved on this site or on the forum. That way, we can focus more on the themes’ continuous improvements, to make Customizr the best free theme for you!

Before posting a new thread and if you think it could be useful, please check your system informations : you’ll find those informations by navigating to Appearance > About Customizr and go to the bottom of the page.

If you cannot find an answer to your issue, feel free to open a new ticket in the Customizr support forum.

Customizr Pro user ? We provide specific support for our premium users in the Customizr Pro support forum.



If you appreciate the theme and want to give back in return, your contribution is welcome, of course! Help is always needed in the support forum. So if you think you can share your skills, that’s just great! It is also a very good way to learn as we face new problems and code challenges every day.

I take the occasion to thank these Customizr users who became part of the story : Electricfeet, rdellConsulting, d4z_c0nf and acub. They all started by answering questions in the forum and quickly became expert with the theme. Now they also share their knowledge in the snippets section of this website.


Customizr Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are the most recurrent threads/questions about Customizr. Before diving into it, you might want to check those useful pages.

This FAQ has been started by a forum volunteer : Electricfeet, and many topics have been resolved by Electricfeet Rdellconsulting and Acub . Thanks to them for their active and top quality support of Customizr!


Searching topics in the Customizr Forum

The Customizr theme WordPress forum is the place where you can open a new thread to ask for help. Before opening a new topic, you’ll want to make a quick research with our Google powered search tool on top of this page. Use keywords specific to your inquiry and navigate in the search results tabs.

You can also use Google to make a research on the Customizr WordPress forum with the following syntax :

inurl:xxx “[theme:customizr]”

of course substituting your keyword for xxx.

It’s a real timesaver…


Creating a Customizr child theme


Responsive CSS






Logo and favicon

  • Logo and favicon dissapeared when moving from local path to production server : the logo and favicon file have to be re-uploaded if your move from one server to another, otherwise they will be pointing to the files path of the previous server
  • Center my logo?
  • Adding content before and after the logo ?



  • what dimensions for my slides? The optimal slides dimensions are 1170px in width and 500px in height. When you upload a picture with other dimensions than those, the theme will automatically resizes the pictures (without stretching theme) to fit the slider default dimensions
  • I already have pictures in my media library, will they fit to the slider dimensions? If you just switched to Customizr theme and already have pictures uploaded, you need to regenerate the Customizr specific slider sizes (with this plugin)
  • create a slider?
  • darken transparency of slider text box background?
  • make the slider scroll, even when the mouse is over it?
  • Understanding why my slider gets cropped?
  • On page load, after a second the image size/position changes : In Appearance > Customize > Responsibe Settings :  uncheck this option : “enable/disable slider’s slides centering on any devices”.


 Featured pages lover? Discover the Featured Pages Unlimited WordPress plugin.





  • Set a custom page for posts : in the WordPress customizer, go to Front page > Front page displays. Select “Static Page” and you’ll see a “Posts Page” drop down list toggling.
    Then choose the page of your posts in the “Posts page” list, and select a static page for home in the “Front Page” list.



.search .search-header .format-icon:before, .archive .archive-header .format-icon:before {
color: inherit;


Social profiles



array( tc__( 'fire' , 'utils'),
'tc_fancybox_gallery_filter' ),



  • remove comments from static home page?
  • How to disable comments for pages? In customizr, you can disable globally the page comments in the customizer option panel. You can also disable comments on a per page basis via the quick edit feature.
  • How to restrict comments to only certain post types? If you want to have even more control on which type of posts could authorize comments (like disabling comments for attachments for example) then use this plugin. (Disable comments plugin)


Migration issues

  • The pictures in my posts are pointing to a wrong url? Use this plugin to quickly find and replace url in your website.
  • My logo and favicon are not showing up after migration. This is normal : logo and favicon are the only options you have to update (re-upload) when migrating from one server to another.

Update issues

  • My website crashed after I updated the theme, what can I do? In some cases, the templates and/or hook structure might been modified on a new version of the theme. If you use a child theme, you might want to adapt your child theme files to the new updated templates.
  • Will I loose my settings on update? Your Customizr settings will never been changed or deleted with an update. They are written in the options table in the tc_theme_options  entry and are always kept from one version to another.
  • How can I switch back to an older version of the theme? You can find and download all the previous versions of the Customizr theme in the platform here.

Google analytics

  • How can I add Google analytics to my Customizr website? You can either use a seo plugin like this one or add your analytic code wit this snippet

Performance / page load

  • How can I improve the page load performances of the theme? Check out this post giving simple and free tips to drastically improve your performance with the Customizr WordPress theme.

Advanced customizations For developers